Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development


To keep pace with contemporary trends in mobile application development, one has to have the expertise of dealing with different mobile platforms and solution frameworks. To our pride, we possess these proficiencies wherein we develop mobile applications in cross-platform environment. Our services extend to mobile apps development for iPhone, iPad, Windows phone, BlackBerry and Android platforms. Our strength is in our team of powerhouses, which is a combination of ingenious skills and excellent programming. We take pride in fulfilling the commitments made to our customers.

With the mobile apps developed by us you can expect various features such as speed, convenience and prompt access, which generate immense popularity for your services and/or products.


Productivity and unremitting improvements in business processes are considered to be the foundation of a business in general. Raja Infotech provides fully incorporated business management solutions that assure productivity enhancement of people and business processes across your organization. The size of businesses may vary, but the core of the business processes remains identical. We offer business management solutions that serve as a platform, helping you attain your business goals. Meeting every aspect of your prerequisites is the USP of these tailor-made solutions. Various productivity applications are becoming the lifeline of today’s businesses. We help you find the right nerve of your business and needs of the users.


Raja Infotech is cognizant with the development of financial systems and software. Our extensive experience has helped us move towards transmuting these systems to handheld devices. Our mobile financial systems offer effortless data entry combined with instant access to account balances, transactions, credit limits and budgets that enable you to achieve financial clarity. We thoroughly understand the importance of secure transmission of data across the web. Our systems are designed to offer a safe, secure and suitable storage structure that accommodates all your critical business data unharmed. The applications live up to your expectations as these are power-packed with attractive and efficient features.


Online publication tools are catching up the trend rapidly. Recognizing the power of multimedia as an important and highly effective communication channel, we use sound, music, motion, graphics and text as tools to create a medium for interaction. One of the most sought after online publication tool that makes use of multimedia and is cost-effective at the same time is the electronic catalogs. Many ace businesses and corporate establishments have shifted their focus from print ads to online advertising. We help you increase portability and accessibility of your product information. Electronic catalogs give you the freedom to update, retread and add product information in a cost-effective manner.


A recent study shows that nearly 2.4 billion people use mobiles, out of which nearly 30% surf the Internet on their mobile devices regularly and thousands more are getting added every day. This astronomical growth is surely creating an imperative need of creating mobile compatible websites. Today, many consumer driven businesses and corporate establishments are predominantly dependant on online marketing and websites to sell their products and services. This has primarily been driving the demand for mobile compatible websites.